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The Cablenews Articles

To give posterity and idea of how highly Msgr. Barlin was regarded during his time, three articles from a Manila newspaper concerning the consecration of the "First Filipino Bishop" are being presented here. The articles came from the National Archives and is only available in microfilm form. Only now, after almost a hundred years, can it be seen in public again. The author has not taken the liberty to change the spellings to preserve the archaic charm of the newspaper. Reproductions of the newspaper articles and photos are part of the author's collection.

News Items

Msgr. Jorge I. Barlin

The Cablenews
Manila, P.I. Thursday, June 28, 1906

Episcopal Function Friday

Pope Grants His Benediction and an Indulgence

For Consecration of New Bishop

Tomorrow morning at nine o'clock (at the) Mgr. Barlin will be consecrated bishop will all the pomp and ceremony the church affords. The ceremony will be one of the most brilliant that has ever taken place in the city, and all of the dignitaries of the church in the Philippine islands who can attend will participate Archbishop Harty and Mgr. Agius, the apostolic delegate, will have charge of the services and Bishops Dougherty and Rooker will assist.

The ceremony is notable because, Mgr. Barlin is the first Filipino to be made a bishop for about three quarters of a century. His Holiness, Pope Pius has conferred an unusual honor on the new bishop by authorizing him to give, at his consecration, the papal benediction with plenary indulgence. In a cablegram to Mgr. Agius, Cardinal Merry del Val, papal secretary of state. says:

"Convey to the new bishop of Nueva Caceres the intelligence, that the Holy Father has confirmed all the faculties which he had as apostolic administrator. Furthermore, be has granted him the privilege of giving the papal benediction with a plenary indulgence, the day of his consecration and the first day on which he celebrates pontifical mass."

The consecration services will begin at nine O'clock in the morning. After the ceremony at the church, a reception will be held at the Santo Tomas University the suspension of the clausure has been ordered for the hours of the reception in order that ladies can attend and visit the chemical and natural history exhibit at the university.

Hints at Discord

El Renacimiento says that "the consecration of Bishop Barlin in the church of the Dominicans is not agreeable to many Filipino Catholics or even to some of the ecclesiastical authorities. It is said that Mons. Agius, Archbishop Harty and the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines do not look with favor upon the preference shown the Dominican order.

"Another story which has reached us is that many Filipino Catholics think of staying away from the banquet which the Centro Catolico is to give to Mons. Barlin. Instead the Filipino clergy , who are also disgusted, as it is said, will give another banquet by the ______ to which they will invite all those who have not taken part in that of the Centro Catolico.