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Baao, the town

As the legend goes, early in the colonial era, a Spaniard came to a fishing village by a lake, and asked a local how the turtle, found abundantly in the area was called. The quick answer was "Ba-o-o." Henceforth, the Spaniards referred to the village as "Bao." Over the years the name evolved into "Baao."

But now, the town whose simple and humble name will soon just be a memory. diamondback terrapin

The town as seen from Simurai.

Learn more about this place, its people and its history, how it all began and who were its first inhabitants and how they traded.

Founded by the Spanish friars, the town flourished but its location was moved several times. Find out more why the move was necessary.

The First Filipino Bishop

After one-hundred years, there is still much to be learned about this unique figure that rose during the maelstrom of the Philippine Revolution.

Find out how he came to be what he is and the circumstances that propelled him of becoming the "First" among his people, Msgr. Jorge I. Barlin.

The Miter Fits the Indio

The Filipinos are admired in Asia by the abundance of their revolutionary heroes. The Revolution of 1896-1902, the most vigorous in this part of the globe, resulted in the creation of the first Republic of Asia. That republic, however short lived, is the reason we celebrated the Centennial of the Declaration of the Philippine Independence. More than a hundred years ago we showed to the world that we wanted to be free and paid the price with our countrymen's blood, lives and liberty.

American and Filipino soldier
The combatants.
The Battle of Agdangan

    A little known footnote in Philippine history, the battle of Agdangan was fought during the Filipino-American war. What happened in Agdangan a little over 100 years ago deserves more than just a line or two in the history books.

Learn more about the events the day Aguinaldo's army fought in Agdangan, Baao, Camarines Sur.