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Promotions at the DPWH Influenced by Solons

Promotions at the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) regional and district offices are allegedly heavily influenced by congressmen.

This was disclosed by DPWH assistant regional director Danilo Manalang in an interview with newsmen.

Manalang revealed that perhaps ninety percent of all district engineers now in place at DPWH district offices were recommendees of congressmen.

The revelation though has long been "open secret" in all offices of the government agency. Even contractors first approach congressmen before they go to the district offices to contract projects. It is also said therefore that one does not get any project in district offices without the blessing from congressmen.

Manalang said that what responsible officials can only do is to monitor closely the implementation of projects to guarantee that the government does not lose in the transaction. "That way, money does not go to the pockets of the corrupt officials and the grafters," Manalang said.