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Silva Calls Off Coop Elections for Directors

There will be no merger yet of the four electric cooperatives in Camarines Sur as expected during last Friday's meeting between National Electrification Administration (NEA) officials, led by administrator Francis Silva, and the province’s coop general managers, board directors and other officials.

What was unanimously endorsed was the proposal for the formation of a consolidated management team composed of NEA officials who would look into the current problems of the four coops and inter-act with coop officials for solutions to the probems.

What was also approved in the meeting was the postponement of elections for board members of the four electric cooperatives. Originally set for the middle part, until the end of February, the elections were moved back until the end of the 180 days given by NEA for the rehabilitation of the depressed coops.

The NEA, which has control and supervision over all electric cooperatives nationwide, had given the four Camarines Sur power cooperatives 180 days with which to rehabilitate their operations into a feasible activity or else face take-over by the NEA of their management.

The proposed management consolidation though is now being questioned by members of all the power cooperatives, according to media reports.