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Philtranco Says No to Fare Hike Despite Rise in Gas Prices

Philtranco buses operating in Naga City and other parts of Bicol, bound for either Metro Manila or the Visayas and Mindanao will continue to charge its present fare rates despite a series of increases in the prices of gasoline and other oil products over the past several weeks.

This was underscored to newsmen last week by Jaime Zamora, Philtrancos Vice President for Operations for Southern Luzon who is based in Naga City.

Zamora said higher management of Philtranco has decided to maintain their present fare structure all over the country despite the recent increase in gasoline and oil prices which has amounted to some P1.60 per liter over a six-week period.

From Zamoras statement, it was understood that Philtranco management does not intend to increase its fare rates as the increase in oil prices can still be absorbed by its growing passenger patronage.

Zamora explained that Philtranco is committed to total passenger service to Bicolanos since it was established by its original owners in Iriga City in 1914.

Instead of increasing its fare rates, the management of Philtranco is just appealing to local passengers to continue their patronage of Philtranco buses and refrain from riding illegal or out of line buses operating in Bicol which are giving unfair competition to Philtranco and other bus companies duly allowed to operate in Bicol.