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Captured Red Cadre Tells Off TF Karapatan

A captured New People's Army cadre who was wounded during a recent encounter with AFP troops and who is now under the care of the Southern Luzon Command (SOLCOM) told his NPA mentors and their NDF allies to leave him alone.

Having fully recovered from his wounds, former NPA rebel, Wilbert Antaran, known among the NPA as Ka Gilbert, was presented by the SOLCOM Commander, General Roy V. Kyamko to members of the family of Antaran and members of the NDF sponsored TF Karapatan. According to Antaran, also among the audience were members of the New People’s Army whom they recognized as posing to be TF Karapatan members.

The presentation took place at the SOLCOM headquarters following demands of TF Karapatan to release Antaran who they alleged suffered torture under the military obviously agitated and coerced by the militant group, the members of the Antaran family demanded to see him. They were, however, calmed by the fact that Antaran was in good health and was in fact denying any abuse from the military.

According to AFP spokesperson, General Eduard Purification, it is nothing new for the AFP to receive complaints and accusation from TF Karapatan, a legal organization of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

"These group uses its legal status to harass the AFP in an attempt to project it as anti-people. As proven, the very people they say they are fighting for, are against them."

During the presentation, Antaran advised his family and TF Karapatan to leave him alone as he had decided to return to a normal life under the law.

However, owing to the desire to prove the point, General Kyamko allowed the family and some remaining members of TF Karapatan to interview Antaran.