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Lagonoy PNP Solves Daring Robbery Case

LAGONOY, CSur - Police authorities headed by P/SInsp. Efren M. Saboco solved a daring robbery case with the arrest of the suspect and recovery of the loot in less than 48 hours after the crime was committed at the house of a certain Virgilia Magayabes in barangay San Vicente last Thursday, January 23, this year, here.

The suspect, Noe Santelices y Velasco, 26 years old, single, was collared by Police Chief Saboco and his men at barangay Panicuan at around 10:00 o’clock in the morning the following day, January 24, 2003.

At the time of the crime, the Magayabes family were not at home as they were reportedly in Metro Manila attending to their jobs, the chief of police said.

According to him, when the robbery was reported to his office early last January 23 (Thursday), he and some of his men immediately conducted initial investigation which showed that the crime was perpetrated between 2:00 to 3:00 o’clock early that day with the robber gaining entrance by detaching the jalousies of a window at the back of the house.

With the information gathered from concerned citizens especially from Barangay Captain Jose Abante of San Vicente and Bgy. Captain Lolito Rellora of San Francisco, they were able to recover part of the stolen articles/appliances hidden "at the back of the house" of a certain Donato of barangay San Francisco.

Recovered at said place are the following: One VCD Player, TM Pioneer; three pcs. CD’s, one TV set, TM. Sanyo; one Karaoke, TM. Sanyo; one Speaker, TM. Pioneer; one Table Electric Fan, TM. Hanabishi, and one regular size blue pail.

When interrogated by COP Saboco after his arrest, Santelices revealed that he has hidden part of the loot which he took from the house of the victim, in a secluded place at barangay San Vicente and also found there one Beta Player, TM. Sony and one Flat iron, TM. Standard.

Included in P/SInsp. Saboco’s team when they apprehended the suspect in Panicuan are SPOl Napoleon R. Pesimo, SPOl Raul E. Picaso and P01 Pel F. Pervera. Officer-on-case is SP02 Carlito M. Romasanta.

A case of Robbery was filed by the police against the suspect before the Court here.

Earlier, COP Saboco recovered his Nokia 3310 cellphone from alleged thief Sergio P. Calingan, 15 years old, single of Bagumbayan Grande, Goa, Camarines Sur, last January 17, this year.

He said that last January 14, 2003, he entrusted his cellphone to a cellphone center in Goa, for recharging. When he came back later, he was told by the Clerk that somebody snatched it.

His investigation led to the apprehension of Calingan who admitted the crime who led him to his (Calingan) sister Cherry’s house in Bagumbayan where the thief kept the loot.