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NEA: No Coop Merger Yet

The National Electrification Administration (NEA) has called off the elections for members of the boards of directors of the four electric cooperatives in Camannes Sur.

In the meeting between NEA and power coop officials in the province last Friday, NEA administrator Francis Silva gave way to the request of current board members to postpone the elections until after the 180-day period given to power coops for the rehabilitation of the cooperatives into a more feasible proposition ends.

If, after the 180-day period, the NEA does not see substantial improvements in their operations, the NEA will take over management of the coops in distress.

The elections for board members of the various power cooperatives in the province had earlier been scheduled of the month of February.

Oppositors, or those who wanted to run for the boards agreed to the postponement but with the provision that, when the NEA Circular on the postponement of elections comes out, there should be a stipulation on the future date of elections for board members of the various provincial cooperatives under the control and supervision of the National Electrification Administration.