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Iriga City Mayor Accused Of Murder

Iriga City Mayor’s wife Madeline Tosoc-Alfelor Thursday, February 20, hurled serious accusations against her husband, Mayor Emmanuel R. Alfelor.

In her expose' Mrs. Alfelor, while at the Department of Justice, implicated her husband, Mayor Alfelor in several murder cases that happened in Baao and Balatan, Camarines Sur. Particularly she said that the Mayor was the one who ordered the killing of three persons whom she identified as DTI employee Reynaldo Licup, driver Geoffrey Remodo and Rommel Barrelos, vulcanizing show owner last December 4, 2002.

Madeline said that the three "were all gunned down and killed inside an eatery along Baao Diversion road in Baao."

She also identified the killers whom she alleged as the goons of Mayor Alfelor. They are Jessie Intia, a certain Ka Trese, who is reportedly a former NPA rebel and Alvin Padi, a police security detail of the city mayor.

"These were not the first multiple murders perpetrated by my husband and his men. There were a number of murders in the past that remain unsolved to this date. Until now, the families of these victims are still hoping, crying and seeking for justice," Madeline added.

Madeline also allegedly implicated lawyer and Iriga City administrator and some police authorities in her allegations, while dismissing the possibility that she only came in the open because she was being used by Alfelor’s political rival, Gov. Luis Villafuerte.

In a related news, Mayor Alfelor called for a press conference to clarify the damaging allegations made by his wife against him.

Reports also reveal that Mrs. Alfelor will unleash more new evidences right after her husband’s press conference.