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Robredo, Alfelor Not Running For Governor

Naga City mayor Jesse Robredo and Iriga City mayor Emmanuel Alfelor are now out of the race for governor of Camannes Sur.

The news report broadcast over several radio stations in the city since yesterday has caught everybody by surprise, including supporters of the two political leaders and local political observers and analysts.

No formal announcement on the news report has been made by either Robredo and Alfelor and even some of their closest aides who have been reliable sources of news on the two city mayors would not, or could not, confirm or deny the development.

One close aide of Robredo intimated though that the Naga city mayor has said that he would now confine his efforts in the next few months to help former Education Secretary Raul Roco in the latter's bid for the presidency of the country.

Former Senator and Cabinet member Roco has been proposed by some small political parties as a candidate in the next presidential elections in May 2004.

In the case of city mayor Alfelor, he has been quoted in some local media reports that he wants more to help in the re-election bid of his older brother, Rep. Felix "Nancing" Alfelor than to run for governor of Camarines Sur.

The report said that Alfelor wants to confine himself in Rinconada political circles where he can greatly help his brother.

The only opposition to the candidacy of L-Ray Villafuerte for Camarines Sur governor will come, it is said, from the Fuentebellas of the Partido district.

And it is not even sure if that eventually will arise.